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Special Needs Cats

Why adopt a senior or special needs cat?

Cats with special needs, including older cats, too often are overlooked in shelters. So House of Dreams focuses on giving these extraordinary cats a new lease on life.


They may have a physical limitation or a medical issue, but that doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm for living and their capacity for loving! And we’ve thoroughly evaluated and provided care for our adoptable cats to make sure they’re ready to go to their forever home.


People who adopt a special needs or senior cat are going the extra mile for the good of the cat. But they’re often surprised at how much their cat enriches and fulfills their lives. Special people fall in love with these special cats, and both cat and human reap the benefits.


We have a dedicated area of our shelter for cats who carry the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). The virus shortens their life span, but their quality of life is as wonderful as for any other cat! And knowing that in so many other places, an FeLV+ cat would routinely be euthanized, adoption truly is a life-saving experience.

► Read more about the Feline Leukemia Virus here.

A senior cat might be your best cat choice—here’s why!

Kittens are cute and adorable, but mature cats are calmer and wiser. No worries about kittens climbing up and shredding curtains, or burning off their boundless energy with 3:00am races around the house. A senior cat takes life in stride, prefers sprawling in a sunbeam or curling up on a lap.


An older, experienced cat knows their way around a litter box and scratching post. They’re content to quietly enjoy your company, or indulge you in a game of chase-the-feather-toy. And most of all, their personalities are formed, and are known. Personality, compatibility with other animals, health issues, behavior with children and adults—senior cats are a known quantity, and both cat and human are better for the knowledge.


Just by virtue of reaching senior status, a cat likely has had good food, vet care, and a safe place. They’ve known love and how to give love. And they have all that love and gratitude stored up to offer to the human who offers them a home!

In short: senior cats are just awesome! Read why.

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► Need more convincing? Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy explains why an older cat might be your best choice!

Check out our awesome special needs and senior cats available for adoption.

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