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Adoptable Cats at House of Dreams


The cats available for adoption at House of Dreams are featured below. Click on their pictures to learn more about their personalities, interests, and needs. And to see more cute pictures!


If you see a cat you’d like to meet in person, let us know! Visits are done by appointment, so please fill out an adoption interest form at:


Alternatively, click on the cat you are interested in and then click on Apply for Adoption button.


Many of our cats are senior, special needs, or feline leukemia positive (FeLV+). These cats have a harder time being adopted, but we know they are no different than their younger or healthier feline friends, and that their very own loving forever home is out there. To learn more about why you should consider adopting a senior or special needs cat, click here, and to learn more about FeLV+ cats, click here.


We also list our cats on PetFinder .

Adoptable Kitties
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