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Max is undoubtedly one of the major favorites at HOD. He is FeLV+ *.
His birthday is 4/9/07 and he came to HOD 4/6/15.  


Max is a quiet, sort of regal cat. If he were a drummer he would be Charlie Watts, rather than Keith Moon.  That doesn't mean he doesn't have a kitten-y side! He can be playful, and very affectionate, but he needs to get to know you first. As a result, he doesn't 'show' well on a first encounter. HOD currently has a clowder of young bouncy cats on the FeLV+ side, and Max would really prefer to be AWAY from them.
We joke that he wears a FitBit, because he is always working on getting his steps in.
Max has been at HOD for a long time, and while it's a great shelter, we'd LOVE to see him in a forever home. Yours, perhaps?

*and if you're unfamiliar with the virus, more info can be found on our web site. One thing to note is that he needs to either be an only cat, the other cats need to be positive as well, or the positive and negative cats need to have separate living areas, much like we do at House of Dreams.

Coat length: short

Status: Adoptable

Primary color: Tabby - Gray, Blue or Silver

Secondary color: White

Gender: male

Age: Adult

Declawed: no

Feline leukemia status: FeLV+

Good with dogs: unknown

Good with other cats: yes

Good with kids: yes

Special needs: yes

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