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Loki came to HOD 1/31/21, as a former stray. He is FeLV+,*

Loki is only 3, but having been a stray, looks like he's been through a lot. He wants so very much to be able to thoroughly trust and be able to relax, and he has made enormous strides at HOD, particularly with certain people, but he's cautious about letting his guard all the way down. He has a history of being blocked (unable to pee) so he is on special food for that, and we keep a close eye on him.
He has the most endearing way of saying hello - by coming up to you and pressing his head into your leg, and just staying like that.
Help us find that amazing home where he can completely let his hair down and RELAX!
*and if you're unfamiliar with the virus, more info can be found on our web site. One thing to note is that he needs to either be an only cat, the other cats need to be positive as well, or the positive and negative cats need to have separate living areas, much like we do at House of Dreams.

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