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She is 14 years old, her person passed away, and the persons sister got her into HOD. She is not a fan of other cats, though she’s learned, for the most part, to deal with them existing. She has mild hyperthyroidism, and arthritis. She ALWAYS sounds grouchy, but we think it’s just her voice. She also has resting bitch face, but hey, so do I. She is amazingly soft, and is VERY playful. LOVES her blue tube, and has invented a game we call Trap Door Spider. She gets in her tube, at one end, and hides. When another cat innocently walks by – WHAP! She strikes! She greets everyone who comes to HOD with ferocious head butts to the ankles, and loves her fishy food.

Coat length: short

Status: adopted

Primary color: torbie

Gender: female

Age: senior

Declawed: no

Feline leukemia status: negative

Good with dogs: no

Good with other cats: unknown 

Good with kids: unknown

Special needs: no

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