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Liam Declan


Liam is 5 years old (his birthday is 11/19/16, and he came to HOD 3/19/21) and he is a quirky child. I love him beyond, partly because Tuxedos are my Kryptonite, but also because he's a tad challenging.  He came to HOD with another cat, supposedly a bonded pair, but that wasn't the case. He has made a few friends at HOD, sadly they've all been adopted. He can be playful, he can be affectionate. And then, with really no warning, he will haul off and whap your hand!  Now, VERY importantly - he has not used his claws on me, ever.

I think that with time and patience and honoring his boundaries,  he would become quite affectionate, but that's not something I can promise. But if you love kitties completely on their own terms without expectations, he would be perfect. (We think he IS perfect just the way he is!)

Coat length: short

Status: adopted

Primary color: black

Secondary color: white

Gender: male

Age: adult

Declawed: no 

Feline leukemia status: negative 

Good with dogs: yes

Good with other cats: unknown

Good with kids: yes

Special needs: no

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