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Angel Program

Become an angel by sponsoring a cat today!

Everyone needs angels in their lives. They give you support, love, comfort, and dental care. These are some of the things you would be giving the cats at House of Dreams when you decide to be part of our Angel Program.

The Angel Program asks that you donate $35 per cat, and you become a special angel to a special kitty. You'll receive a photo magnet of "your" cat, plus a report on how they're doing. And, of course, you're welcome to visit in person!

It's the perfect gift for the holidays, or for any time of the year, it's a gift that warms your heart and keeps on giving. Feel good and share the love and affection throughout the season.

Contact  any board member by email  or phone at 503-262-0763.

Becoming an Angel to our kitties just got easier!

In order to make is easier for you to be a special angel for our kitties, we have set it up so that your angel donation is routed through PayPal, which allows you to make a quick and secure donation.

To make this donation, all you have to do is click on the button in the top left of the window.  After entering the amount and entering your user name and password, it will open to a page that lets you check the amount and who it's sent to, plus make any special instructions regarding this donation. 

We ask that you enter the words "Angel Program" into that field so that we can quickly tell which donations are         meant for the angel program.

Special thanks to the following Angels:

  Amy Sutton
  Anne Springsteen
  Annie Bellman
  Andrea Drake
  Barbara Ashby
  Barbara Sundvall in memory of her husband
  Barbara Spears
  Becky Walker
  Betty S. Zauner
  Beverly J. Christman
  Bonnie McKee Vaughn
  Brittany Meyer_Strom
  Callie Mayer
  Carol VanHorn
  Carolyn Eckel
     Cathy Benot
     Cecily Walters (In memory of Ranger)
     Cindy Miller
     Cindy Miller (In memory of Lillian Hensley)
     Cindy Miller (In memory of Sandra Rae Bateman)
     Cindy Miller (In memory of Kitty Schauer)
     Cindy Miller (In memory of Judy Choate)
     Corliss Rogers
     Cyndy Miller (In memory of Marla Miller)
     Crystalyn Fergus
Darlene Hooley    
     Darlene Ward
Dawn P.     
     Debbie Larsen (in memory of Peggy Johnson)
     Debbie Larsen (In memory of Jewel and Moon)
     Deborah Luce
     Dianna Aslund
     Donna McPiterson
     Dyanne Gray
     Elizabeth A. Eckart-Caro
     Elizabeth C. Rhein
     Emily Rand
     Erin Hooley
     Esther Wright
     Frank Cropanese
     Fred & Karen Degen
     Gordon B. Lessing
     High Desert Sound Productions (in memory of Bruce Bohlman)
     Ingrid Gordon
     Irene Losley
     J. Bernard
    Jean & John Harkin
    Jean Schifferns/Steve Nussbaum (In honor of Cindy Miller)
    Jean Schifferns (In honor of Sarah and Rob)
    Jennifer Anderson
    Jennifer Johnson/Mark Morgan
    John Trussle
Jo E. Bomber (in memory of Wicked)
    Joyce Legler
    Joyce Trull
    Judith Moss
    Judy Galantha
    Julian Ross for Denise
    Kathleen O'Brien
    Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Reese
    Kelley Tom
    Krista Schifferns
    Laura Laufer
    Laura Laufer & Robert Schroeder
    Lenora Williams
    Lindsay Hart
    Lindsey Thrasher
    Loretta Armason
    Lori F.
    Loutta Tomason
    Matt Schlesser & Jane Smith
    Merinda Fischer
    Nancy Jakum
    Neena Peterson
    Nicole Z.
    Otti Schang
    Raschelle Eubanks (In memory of Thomas Cachero)
    Robert Schroeder and Laura Laufer
    Robin L. Sparks (in memory of Raskal)
    Royal Neighbors of America Youth Chapter 1440
    Stephen J. Dorner
    Susan Cool
    Tamara Paulat
    Teresa Bergen (In memory of Bienville)
    Tracy Bartell
    Valerie Warden
    Zora  Becvar
Bold Print indicates continued Angel Program contributors